Cultural Depictions of Richard I of England - Television


Richard has been portrayed on television by:

  • David Markham in the BBC series Robin Hood (1953), with Patrick Troughton as Robin
  • Bruce Seton in the British series Ivanhoe (1958)
  • Dermot Walsh in the British children's series Richard the Lionheart (1962–1963)
  • Jon Cypher in the "Robin Hood" episode of the American series Children's Theater (1964)
  • Julian Glover in the Doctor Who story "The Crusade" (1965), set during Richard's conflict with Saladin, and again in the TV film Ivanhoe (1982)
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in the American TV musical film The Legend of Robin Hood (1968)
  • Bernard Horsfall in the BBC series Ivanhoe (1970)
  • Michael J. Jackson in the BBC series The Legend of Robin Hood (1975)
  • Lawrence Clark (aged 7), Paul Rose (aged 13), Glen Barlow (aged about 18), and Michael Byrne (as an adult) in the BBC series The Devil's Crown (1978), which dramatised his reign and that of his father and brother
  • Stephen Chase in the BBC series The Talisman (1980)
  • Robert Hardy in the American TV film parody The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (1984)
  • John Rhys-Davies in "The King's Fool" episode of the British series Robin of Sherwood (1984)
  • Forbes Collins in "The Whitish Knight" episode of the BBC children's comedy series Maid Marian and her Merry Men (1989), in which he also played Prince John
  • Marek Vasut in the TV film Young Ivanhoe (1995)
  • Rory Edwards in the British series Ivanhoe (1997)
  • Andrew Howard in the TV film adaptation of The Lion in Winter (2003)
  • Steven Waddington in the "We Are Robin Hood!" episode of the BBC series Robin Hood (2007) He also portrayed King Richard in the BBC drama documentary "Heroes and Villains: Richard the Lionheart" (2008)

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