Cugel's Saga

Cugel's Saga is an episodic fantasy novel by Jack Vance, published by Timescape in 1983, the third book in the Dying Earth series that Vance inaugurated in 1950. It continues the story of its predecessor.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database calls Cugel's Saga "wice as large and less episodic than Eyes of the Overworld", and catalogs it as a novel rather than a fix-up, but also qualifies that label. "This is marketed as a novel, but there is a table of contents, and some of the parts were previously published (although none are acknowledged thus)."

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Cugel's Saga - Plot Summary
... The story picks up where the protagonist, Cugel the Clever, had been left at the end of The Eyes of the Overworld sitting disconsolately on a barren beach ... As in The Eyes, Cugel's goal is to return home and avenge himself upon Iucounu, the Laughing Magician, whom Cugel regards as indirectly responsible for his second banishment ... Taking a different route this time, Cugel obtains a deadly relic of an Overworld being, Sadlark takes service as worminger (a crewmember responsible for the maintenance of huge marine worms) aboard a worm-propelled ...
Jack Vance - Work
... picaresque adventures of the ne'er-do-well scoundrel Cugel the Clever, and those of the magician Rhialto the Marvellous ... Most notably, Michael Shea wrote a sequel to Eyes Of The Overworld, featuring Cugel The Clever, before Vance did one himself (called Cugel's Saga) ... Cugel is a complete rogue, who is nevertheless worthy of sympathy in always failing to achieve his goals ...
Jack Vance - Selected Bibliography - Fantasy - The Dying Earth
... The Eyes of the Overworld (author's preferred title Cugel the Clever, novel 1966) Cugel's Saga (author's preferred title Cugel The Skybreak Spatterlight, novel, 1983) The Laughing Magician (Omnibus containing The ...