Cuatro is Spanish (and other Romance languages) for the number four. It may also refer to:

  • Cuatro (instrument), Name for two distinct Latin American instruments one from Puerto Rico and the other from Venezuela
  • Cuatro (TV channel) ("Four"), is a Spanish private, free-to-air broadcast television channel owned by Mediaset
  • TV Cuatro (TVCU4TRO), is the brand name of TV4 León (XHLEG-TV), the public broadcaster for the Mexican state of Guanajuato
  • Cuatro, the fourth album by thrash metal band Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Cuatro (Puerto Rico), the national instrument of Puerto Rico

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Serenata Guayanesa - Origins of The Group
... countertenor and drums), Hernán Gamboa (tenor and cuatro player), Iván Pérez Rossi (baritone and second cuatro player) and César Pérez Rossi (bass and ... of Hernán Gamboa), including players of the mandolin, violin, accordion and the Venezuelan cuatro (played by Hernán Gamboa), with the voices of the four young singers standing out ... In honor to the "Venezuelan Day", they sang with a German Children's Cuatro Group ...
List Of Puerto Rican Scientists And Inventors - Inventors - Musical Instruments
... The cuatro is the national instrument of Puerto Rico ... Very little is known about the exact origin of the Cuatro ... He has built numerous cuatros for musicians in the United States and also has crafted cuatro variants of his own design he developed a "seis", or six-course (12-string) cuatro that can be tuned ...
Cuatro Cabezas
... Cuatro Cabezas (in English, Four Heads), also known as 4K, is an Argentine production company that specializes in content for television, radio and motion picture ... Cuatro Cabezas started as an independent television producer after 15 years it became a significant multimedia company in the Spanish speaking world ...
Cuatro (instrument)
... The cuatro is any of several Latin American instruments of the guitar or lute family ... The cuatro is smaller than a guitar ... Cuatro means four in Spanish, although current instruments may have more than four strings ...