Crystal Widow - Decepticons - Targetmasters


Name Alternate mode First appearance Last appearance Voiced by
Slugslinger Jet Fighter The Rebirth (Part 1) The Rebirth (Part 3) Peter Cullen
Dignified but hapless warrior. A Targetmaster whose weapon is formed by Caliburst (voiced by Johnny Haymer).
Triggerhappy/Triggershot Jet Fighter F1 Eagle The Rebirth (Part 1) The Rebirth (Part 3) Charlie Adler
Enthusiastic and impulsive young fighter. A Targetmaster whose weapon is formed by Blowpipe (voiced by John Moschitta, Jr.).
Misfire Jet Fighter Appears in The Rebirth (Part 1). First speaks in The Rebirth (Part 2). The Rebirth (Part 3). Stanley Jones
A pessimistic, yet smart Targetmaster whose unpredictable weapon is formed by Aimless (voiced by Milt Jamin).

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Crystal Widow - Targetmasters
... a house on fire, but also a classic example of the lack of planning in the early stages of Targetmasters bonding for how effective a combat team they would make ... own exuberance paled in comparison to his Targetmaster partner a young Autobot named Hot Rod ... is excited by all the action and adventure of being a Targetmaster, but he is also very nervous at some of the risks that Hot Rod insists on taking at times ...
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... Marvel Comics to provide fiction for the 1988 Targetmaster characters in the West—anywhere, in fact, as the Double Targetmasters did not even feature in the Japanese-exclusive series for that year, Super-God ... The Autobot Double Targetmasters' roles were brief ones—they were seen participating in a raid on Cybertron led by Jazz, Grimlock and Bumblebee ... exclusive Transformers title, the Decepticon Double Targetmasters became a part of the new Mayhem Attack Squad, charged with hunting down and killing the renegade Decepticons ...
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... of entirely new characters, were Double Targetmasters, equipped with two Nebulons who would each transform into a gun, and could combine together into one singular weapon ... Autobot Targetmasters Landfill (dump truck) with Flintlock and Silencer Quickmix (concrete mixer) with Ricochet and Boomer Scoop (payloader) with Tracer ...
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... The Targetmasters were introduced in "The Rebirth", the three-part fourth-season finale to the original Transformers animated series ... transforming exo-suits which were donned by five members of the Hive, creating the Targetmasters, giving their Transformer wielders ten times the accuracy ... The Decepticon Misfire was already a poor marksman and the fact his new Targetmaster partner Aimless was an underachieving rookie only made things worse ...
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... The first Targetmasters assortment, released in 1987, included six new characters, and five existing ones from the 1986 line, whose toys were slightly remolded with larger peg holes to hold their new ... In 2003, one of the two Japanese-exclusive Targetmasters from 1987 was added to the Autobot ranks ... Unfortunately, the Targetmaster weapon he shares with Decepticon Cyclonus, also share names ...