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Administration and Finances

Cruzeiro's bylaw refers to the club being a non-profit organization, where the real owner are cios (literally, "partners") or members (who pay an annual fee). This means that unlike some European clubs and North American sport franchises, the club cannot be sold (Article 1, § 4). Cruzeiro also acts as a social club, which sócios get access to. Currently there are six thousand paying sócios (twenty thousand including family members). Sócios are not to be confused with sócios do futebol ("football members") who pay an annual fee for privileges such as season tickets, but are not allowed to vote for club officials. Those who have been sócios for over a year, form the "general assembly" (Assembleia Geral) and may vote for club officials (Article 5). After two years of membership, sócios can nominate themselves for the "consul" (Conselho) (Article 16). Only members who have been part of the consul for at least ten years may run for the presidency and vice-presidency (Article 26, § 1). Politician Zezé Perrella is the current club president.

Cruzeiro was the fifth richest Brazilian club in 2009 in terms of revenue with about R$121.3 million. This is a 29% increase from a 2008 revenue of R$94.1 million and a 56% increase from a 2007 revenue of R$77.6 million. Much of Cruzeiro's revenue comes through the selling of players, between 2004 and 2008 the club sold R$181 million (€68.6 million) worth of player, ranking third in Brazil (although player sales for other teams were considered between 2003 and 2008). Cruzeiro also relies on sponsorship and currently has three shirt sponsors: Banco BMG (front and upper back), Ricardo Eletro (sleeves) and Questão de Estilo Jeans (lower back) and although the club does not release any official figures on sponsorhip, the deals are speculated to be worth a total of about R$15 million annually. Kit supplier Reebok reported pays R$8 million annually. From ticket sales the club will make around R$27 million in 2010. In 2009 ticket sales generated R$18 million

Cruzeiro is one of the most financially stable Brazilian football clubs. As of 2009 Cruzeiro debts total R$97.7 million (€43.8). This puts the club 13th among the most in-debt club in Brazil. Among Brazil's most prominent clubs only São Paulo has less debt. The club's current debt is also a decrease from a 2008 debt of R$131.6 million (€50.8). In 2009 the club was ranked as the seventh most valuable club in Brazil, being worth R$ 139 million (€55 million). In 2008, the annual salary for the clubs players totaled €6.2 million, significantly less than its European counterparts.

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