Cruzan can mean:

  • The alternate spelling of Crucian, a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, or the native dialect spoken on that island, also known as Virgin Islands Creole.
  • Cruzan Rum, a rum produced on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Nancy Cruzan, a key figure in the right-to-die movement.
  • Cruzan Amphitheatre, a 19,000-seat open-air music venue in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Selected Court Cases In The Terri Schiavo Case - Medicolegal Issues - Right-to-die
... The Schiavo case has often been compared to those of Karen Ann Quinlan and Nancy Cruzan, two other highly influential right-to-die cases ... Cruzan was diagnosed with PVS in 1983 and her legal case reached the Supreme Court, which ruled that "clear and convincing evidence" of her wishes to die under ... Cruzan's family didn't have enough evidence of that, but later produced more ...
Cruzan Amphitheatre
... Cruzan Amphitheatre is a 19,000-seat open-air music venue in West Palm Beach, Florida ... In early 2008, the venue was renamed again following a new sponsorship agreement with Cruzan Rum ... In 2006, during their Bigger Bang Tour, the Rolling Stones made their Palm Beaches debut at Cruzan ...
Cruzan Rum
... Cruzan Rum ( /ˈkruːʒən/) is a rum producer located in Saint Croix, U.S ... Cruzan Rum also makes a pure cane distillate alcohol (in 189-proof), which can be found for sale in the medicine sections of many grocery stores in the U.S ... Cruzan is one of two rum distilleries which, due to their place in American history, are part of the American Whiskey Trail ...
Cruzan Rum - Varieties
... Cruzan Estate Light aged two years ... Cruzan Estate Dark aged two years, available in both 80- and 151-proof ... Cruzan Estate Diamond aged five years.(Discontinued) Cruzan 151° Cruzan 9 spiced rum named for the 9 different herbs used to make it and also the 9 districts of St ...