Crusade of 1197 - German Crusade

German Crusade

Henry VI decided to take advantage of his Father's threat of force against Byzantium to exact tribute and had a threatening letter sent to the Byzantine Emperor, Isaac Angelus. Isaac had been overthrown in April 1195 by his brother Alexius III Angelus. Alexius immediately submitted to the tributary demands of Henry VI and then exacted high taxes from his subjects to pay the Crusaders 5,000 pounds of gold. Before he could set sail, Henry died. When this occurred, a substantial German army was already on their way to Palestine. The crusaders landed at Acre in September 1197 and captured Tyre, Sidon and Beirut. With the support of the German crusaders, Amalric II of Jerusalem (a vassal of Roman-German Emperor Henry VI.), was crowned King of Jerusalem in 1198. When news of the emperor's death reached them the Crusaders returned home without any further victories or ambitions.

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