Cross Stitches

Cross stitches in embroidery, needlepoint, and other forms of needlework include a number of related stitches in which the thread is sewn in an x or + shape. Cross stitch has been called "probably the most widely used stitch of all" and is part of the needlework traditions of the Balkans, Middle East, Afghanistan, Colonial America and Victorian England.

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... Cross stitches or cross-stitch have come to represent an entire industry of pattern production and material supply for the craft person ... stitch is done by creating a line of diagonal stitches going in one direction, usually using the warp and weft of the fabric as a guide, then on the ... Also included in this class of stitches are Herringbone stitches, including the hem stitch Breton stitch, here the threads of the "x" are twisted ...

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