Crisis (DC Comics) - "Crisis On Earth-One!" and "Crisis On Earth-Two!"

"Crisis On Earth-One!" and "Crisis On Earth-Two!"

Although there may have been other DC Comics stories with "crisis" in the title before "Crisis on Earth-One!", it was this issue that started the tradition of the annual JLA/JSA crossover, which usually had the word "crisis" in the title of at least one of its issues.

"Crisis on Earth-One!" and "Crisis on Earth-Two!" was the first story in which the JLA and JSA met as teams. Members of the two teams would meet once each year after this until Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985.

In this first story, the two teams team up in order to battle Chronos, Dr. Alchemy, Felix Faust, the Fiddler, the Icicle, and the Wizard, who have discovered a way to travel between the worlds. Each one of the Crime Champions steals a Million dollars and escapes to the other world. Felix Faust steals from a sunken ship and evades Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter and Atom. Doctor Alchemy robs an armored car and evades Green Arrow and Superman, the Flash not even showing up. Chronos takes his money from the Powers City Bank, despite the efforts of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Later in a base between worlds the Crime Champions talk over their crimes. The Wizard defeated his world's Green Lantern and Black Canary, the Fiddler escaped Hawkman, his world's Flash (who was able to get to him despite the trap), and his world's Atom, and the Icicle got away from Hourman and Doctor Fate. It is revealed that when the Fiddler was escaping jail with the Wizard and Icicle he tried to escape using his violin, but was accidentally shifted to a music show in Earth-1, which the Earth-1 Crime Champions were about to rob. Seeing them in convict garb, the Earth-1 crooks helped them, and they were all spirited away by Felix Faust. They now plan to go into their other world, where they will not be recognized, and spend their loot without fear of apprehension. They have kidnapped both Flash's, as they can travel between Earths and could recognise the villains, and place them in vibratory spheres. The Earth-Two Crime Champions are tempted by the riches of Earth-1, so decide to capture the JLA, and disguises themselves as the Earth-One Crime Champions using the Wizard's Tibetan magic. They have eight enchanted objects, which will spring a trap when all touched. They rob Casino Town (based on Las Vegas) and 'Felix Faust' tells the JLA that they have ten minutes to get there. The Wizard, disguised as Doctor Alchemy, makes Superman touch metal, and Green Arrow wood. The Icicle, disguised as Chronos, makes Batman touch rubber, Wonder Woman animal, and Green Lantern glass. The Fiddler, disguised as Felix Faust and somehow able to cast spells like him, makes Aquaman touch sand, the Atom touch a Jewel, and the Martian Manhunter touch water. The JLA are transported to and imprisoned in their headquarters. They are unable to get out, or even see it, and Superman says that, due to the fact there was no Kryptonite in the Casino and he was still weakened magic must be being used. Batman suggests they use a crystal ball given to them by Merlin to contact the Flash. The Flash tells them he cannot escape, but suggests they contact the JSA, which they do, bringing them to their headquarters, and causing a joyful meeting. Doctor Fate transports them to Earth-Two, while the JSA stay on Earth-One to defeat their enemies. Meanwhile the Green Lanterns travel between worlds to free the Flashes. The Earth-2 Atom and Hourman defeat the Fiddler as he tries to rob a museum, Hawkman and Black Canary capture the Wizard after he robs a Jewel Store, and Doctor fate defeats the Icicle as he tries to steal valuable artworks. When Felix Faust tries robbing a charity fair he is met by the Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Earth-1 Atom. He casts a spell that makes them spin in mid-air, but through their combined efforts the Atom is able to knock Faust out and break the spell. Wonder Woman and Batman succeed in disarming and defeating Doctor Alchemy as he tries to hide his loot. Chronos tries to rob a lighthouse of a valuable clock, and when Superman and Aquaman come to arrest him he uses his vibratory watch to put Aquaman into a coma, saying unless he is exposed to a kryptonite meteor's rays he will die. Superman is weakened when he takes Aquaman there to heal, allowing the Time Thief to escape while Aquaman recovers. Aquaman drags Superman away, then contacts the sea creatures to find the location of Chronos. Superman captures him and destroys his vibratory watch. Meanwhile the Green Lanterns turn the Flashes to light and sound waves so they can escape the vibratory bubbles, as they can see and hear them they know these can pass through the bubbles, the superheroes are transported into cages floating into space. It is revealed the villains did not have the power to spring this trap, but the Green Lanterns supplied the extra power. The heroes are unable to break the cages and the Atom is unable to shrink between the atoms, but he uses the telepathic circuits to contact the Lanterns and says the atoms of their cage may not be treated. The Lanterns shrink themselves down, then enlarge themselves and break the Flash's from their cage, enabling them to break out Wonder Woman and Black Canary. The superheroes travel back to Earth and Felix Faust senses they have escaped. The Fiddler says there must be an Earth-3 and tries to find it, but before he can the heroes get to Earth and defeat the villains, who are then jailed on their respective Earths.

The stories can be found in Justice League of America #21 and 22 published in 1963.

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