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Case Studies

A study carried out in Central Europe explored insect succession on near identical swine carcasses set out in a pine-oak forest, hornbeam-oak forest, and an alder forest in western Poland. The results show that C. maxillosus adults begin to appear during the ‘late-bloating’, ‘early-active’ phase and were present up to the earlier stages of the ‘remains’ phase. On average, they were first seen after about 6 days of decomposition (range of 5–7 days of decomposition ) and the last C. maxillosus adults were observed on average on day 25 of decomposition (range of 14–38 days of decomposition ). C. maxillosus larvae began to appear after an average of 17 days of decomposition (range of 13–25 days of decomposition) and were present until day 40 of decomposition (range 34–50 days of decomposition).

While in the nascent, but promising, stages of forensic entomology, studies such as this aid entomologists' understanding of faunal succession, and their results prove useful in many cases.

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