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Friedman's Inc. - Credit Operations Before 2004
... There were dire consequences for the company and its credit portfolio as a result of their credit practices ... With sales operations in charge of their own credit lending, a “fox guarding the hen house” atmosphere was created, which resulted in undisciplined, inconsistent, and damaging business practices ... from emotion and a sales team’s immediate need for results instead of a customer’s credit worthiness ...
Granularity - Credit Portfolio Risk Management
... In credit portfolio risk modeling, granularity refers to the number of the exposures in the portfolio ... higher the granularity, the more positions are in a credit portfolio, providing a higher degree of size diversification, which in turn reduces concentration risk ...

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    To give money to a sufferer is only a come-off. It is only a postponement of the real payment, a bribe paid for silence, a credit system in which a paper promise to pay answers for the time instead of liquidation. We owe to man higher succors than food and fire. We owe to man.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)