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Barnacles appear in Half-Life and Half-Life 2, and are also usable as a cross between a weapon and a biological grappling hook in Opposing Force. They are predators that attach to ceilings, the undersides of bridges, or similar areas and drop down a very long, highly-adhesive tongue. When something gets caught on a barnacle's tongue, it retracts it into its maw and consumes the prey, frequently dismembering it while it is still alive. Anything not consumed is dropped. Barnacles are known to eat almost anything that's alive: all varieties of headcrab, allied rebels, Combine soldiers, zombies, and antlions. Although barnacles will eat poisonous headcrabs, they die immediately after ingestion. If consuming zombies, a barnacle will eat only the headcrab and reject the human body attached to it. If an object is not edible, they drop it and await new prey. Barnacles will "remember" the last inedible object they are "fed" with and will not retract their tongue in an attempt to eat the same object if it is presented to them a second time. When a barnacle is killed, it will disgorge chunks of recent victims, after which its inner mouth will hang loosely from its body.

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