Creative Micro Designs - Products For Commodore's C64 and C128

Products For Commodore's C64 and C128

  • JiffyDOS: ROM chip replacement for C64/128 computers and floppy disk drives (such as 1541s), greatly increasing disk drive transfer speeds
  • FD series: Floppy disk drives
  • HD Series: Hard disk drives
  • RAMLink: RAM upgrade for C64/128, essentially a RAM disk with battery backup; used 1-MB and 4-MB 30-pin SIMM memory modules
  • 1750 XL: A 2 MB RAM Expansion Unit for the C64/128, compatible with the Commodore REUs.
  • SuperCPU: CPU upgrade boxes to plug into the expansion port of the C64/128; with a 16-bit WDC 65816 CPU @ ~20 MHz
  • SuperRAMCard: Fast RAM expansion card to fit inside a SuperCPU

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