Cram may refer to:

  • Cram (surname), a surname, and list of notable persons having the surname
  • Cram (game show), a TV game show that aired on the Game Show Network
  • Cram, a fictional type of bread in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium
  • Cramming (education), a slang term for last-minute study
  • Cramming (fraud), adding inappropriate charges to a bill
  • Cram school, a specialized school that trains students to pass entrance exams
  • Cram (game), an impartial mathematical game similar to domineering
  • Cram (software), a flashcard application for Apple devices

CRAM may refer to:

  • NCR CRAM, Card Random Access Memory, a computer memory technology developed by NCR
  • CRAM, Centro Ricerca Artistica Mezzocorona, Centre for Art Research in Mezzocorona/Kronmetz, Italy
  • Chalcogenide RAM, Chalcogenide random access memory, a phase-change computer memory technology
  • Challenge-response authentication, Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism, a computer security procedure
  • Counter-RAM, Counter-Rockets, Artillery and Mortars, a weapons system
  • CRAM (protein), Cysteine-rich Acidic Trans-membrane protein
  • MS-CRAM, also known as Microsoft Video 1, a codec
  • CRAM diet, the Cereal, Rice, And Milk diet, an alternative to the BRAT_diet

Other articles related to "cram":

Cleveland Cram
... Cram (December 21, 1917, Waterville, Minnesota - January 9, 1999) was a station chief and historian for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ... Cram studied at Saint John's University and Harvard and served as a naval officer in the South Pacific during World War II ... After Cram's retirement in 1975, he was called back to do historical research on the record of Counterintelligence Chief James J ...
Scott Cram
... Scott Cram (born 30 January 1977 in Wollongong, New South Wales) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s ... Cram was named the 1997 ARL season's rookie of the year ...
Cramér's Theorem
... Cramér's theorem may also refer to another result of the same mathematician concerning the partial sums of a sequence of independent, identically ... Cramér's theorem in this sense states that the probabilities of "large deviations" away from the mean in this sequence decay exponentially with the rate ...
Cram (game)
... Cram is a mathematical game played on a sheet of graph paper ... by many names, including "plugg" by Geoffrey Mott-Smith, and "dots-and-pairs." Cram was popularized by Martin Gardner in Scientific American ...

Famous quotes containing the word cram:

    He shall love my soul as though
    Body were not at all,
    He shall love your body
    Untroubled by the soul,
    Love cram love’s two divisions
    Yet keep his substance whole.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    You cram these words into mine ears against
    The stomach of my sense.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)