Craig Air Force Base - Units Assigned

Units Assigned

The last unit assigned to Craig AFB was the 29th Flying Training Wing (29th FTW), which was activated on 29 March 1972, absorbing the assets and personnel of the 3615th FTW. Flying training squadrons of the wing were:

  • 43d Flying Training Squadron - 1 July 1972 to 30 September 1977
  • 52d Flying Training Squadron - 1 July 1972 to 30 September 1977
  • 3615th Pilot Training Wing - dates unknown

The 29th FTW provided undergraduate pilot training (UPT) and operated the facilities on the base. Aircraft flown by the wing were Cessna T-37s and Northrup T-38s. The last class graduated in mid-August 1977.

The 29th FTW was inactivated with the closure of the base on 30 September 1977.

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