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Voiced by: Mickey Curtis (Japanese), Nicholas Guest (English)

Rasheed (ラシード, Rashīdo?) appears during Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door. An ethnic Arab with a considerable amount of knowledge of "beans," he is really Doctor Mendelo al-Hedia, the man who developed the nano-machinery that was to be used as a virus for the military and vaccinated Vincent in attempt to keep it under control. He then apparently escaped from the medical facility and took refuge in Mars' Moroccan street, assuming a new identity. He provides Spike with a sample of the nano-machine virus in an attempt to atone for his creating it. After revealing to Spike, in a later scene, the nature of the nanomachine virus and the vaccine given to Vincent, armed men show up and Rasheed runs off, followed by the sounds of gunfire. His fate is unclear, though a scene played during the credits of the movie seems to show him alive and well in Moroccan street.

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