Covert Channels

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Covert Channel - Characteristics
... A covert channel is so called because it is hidden from the access control mechanisms of ultra-high-assurance secure operating systems since it does not use the legitimate data transfer mechanisms ... Covert channels are exceedingly hard to install in real systems, and can often be detected by monitoring system performance in addition, they suffer from a low signal-to-noise ratio ... of assurance from secure systems by well established covert channel analysis strategies ...
Data Hiding in LAN Environment By Covert Channels
... As Girling first analyzes covert channels in a network environment ... His work focuses on local area networks (LANs) in which three obvious covert channels (two storage channel and one timing channel) are identified ... This demonstrates the real examples of bandwidth possibilities for simple covert channels in LANs ...
Multilevel Security - MLS Problem Areas
... Covert channels pose another problem for MLS systems ... to transmit data, it is exploiting a covert channel ... It is extremely difficult to close all covert channels in a practical computing system, and it may be impossible in practice ...

Famous quotes containing the words channels and/or covert:

    People between twenty and forty are not sympathetic. The child has the capacity to do but it can’t know. It only knows when it is no longer able to do—after forty. Between twenty and forty the will of the child to do gets stronger, more dangerous, but it has not begun to learn to know yet. Since his capacity to do is forced into channels of evil through environment and pressures, man is strong before he is moral. The world’s anguish is caused by people between twenty and forty.
    William Faulkner (1897–1962)

    There was the murdered corpse, in covert laid,
    And violent death in thousand shapes displayed;
    The city to the soldier’s rage resigned;
    Successless wars, and poverty behind;
    Ships burnt in fight, or forced on rocky shores,
    And the rash hunter strangled by the boars;
    The newborn babe by nurses overlaid;
    And the cook caught within the raging fire he made.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)