Covalent Superconductor - Diamond


Superconductivity in diamond was achieved through heavy p-type doping by boron such that the individual doping atoms started interacting and formed an "impurity band". The superconductivity was of type-II with the critical temperature Tc = 4 K and critical magnetic field Hc = 4 T. Later, Tc ~ 11K has been achieved in homoepitaxial CVD films.

Regarding the origin of superconductivity in diamond, three alternative theories exist at the moment: conventional BCS theory based on phonon-mediated pairing, correlated impurity band theory and spin-flip-driven pairing of holes weakly localized in the vicinity of the Fermi level. Whereas there is no solid experimental support for either model, recent accurate measurements of isotopic shift of the transition temperature Tc upon boron and carbon isotopic substitutions favor the BCS theory.

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