Court of Appeal (Norway)

Court Of Appeal (Norway)

The court of appeal (Norwegian: lagmannsrett, lit. ‘lawman's court’) is the second level of courts of justice in Norway, reviewing criminal and civil cases appealed from the district courts. There are six courts of appeal, each covering a jurisdiction and based in a city. Each court is led by a senior judge president (lagman) and several appellate judges (lagdommer). The courts are administrated by the Norwegian National Courts Administration. Decisions from civil and criminal matters, except the question of guilt, can be appealed from the courts of appeal to the Supreme Court.

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Court Of Appeal (Norway) - History
... The courtsystem in Norwaydates back to about 950, when the things were created as assembly of the great farmers to set laws and convict people of breaching them ... Gulating and Frostating, but many smaller ones existed, and courtscould be raised in any, or even multiple things, creating a fog of legal doubt in cases ... District courtswere establish transitionally from the old things to bygdeting, consisting of six or twelve lay judges (lagrettemann) appointed by the king ...

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