County Route 519 (New Jersey) - Route Description - Sussex County

Sussex County

CR 519 crosses into Green Township, Sussex County and becomes Hibler Road. A short distance past the county line, the route turns north onto Wintermute Road, which makes a turn northeast into a narrow agricultural valley. Upon intersecting CR 608, CR 519 enters Fredon Township and the name changes to Ridge Road. The road continues into a mix of woodland and residential areas, with some farm fields, before entering Newton. At this point, the route becomes West End Avenue and passes several homes. CR 519 comes to an intersection with Route 94, and turns east to follow that route along High Street. Route 94 and CR 519 continue to downtown Newton and come to the Park Place square, where the road meets US 206. At this point, all three routes run concurrent north on four-lane undivided Water Street for a short distance. CR 519 splits from US 206/Route 94 by turning northwest onto four-lane undivided Mill Street. The road soon narrows to two lanes as it passes businesses and makes a turn to the north, passing by Sussex County Community College.

The route crosses into Hampton Township and becomes Conrads Corner Road as it passes rural areas of residences, heading northeast. CR 519 curves north and crosses the Paulinskill Valley Trail before it enters woodland and turns northeast again. The road enters farmland and makes a sharp turn west-northwest to cross the Paulins Kill. A short distance later, the route turns north onto Branchville-Lawson Road and enters Frankford Township. CR 519 passes through forested areas with some homes prior to entering Branchville and becoming Newton Avenue. The route crosses US 206 before making a turn west onto Mill Street. The road passes a mix of residences and businesses as it reaches the center of Branchville, where CR 519 turns northeast onto Wantage Avenue. The road passes more homes before crossing back into Frankford Township, at which point it passes through a forest. The route makes a turn north onto Branchville-Lewisburg Road, with Wantage Avenue continuing to the northeast as CR 629. CR 519 passes some homes before entering a mix of woods and farms, curving northeast again.

Upon crossing into Wantage Township, the road makes a turn to the east and passes a mix of homes and businesses as well as the Space Farms Zoo and Museum. CR 519 heads northeast into more farmland as it comes to a turn north onto Colesville-Lusscroft Road. The route runs through more rural areas with some residential development, eventually making a bend to the northeast. CR 519 continues to an intersection with Route 23, where it turns north for a concurrency with that route. The two routes pass through forested areas with some homes until CR 519 splits from Route 23 by heading north on Mountain Road. This road carries the route north, entering dense forests as it comes to the New York border. At the state line, CR 519 ends and the road continues into Orange County, New York as CR 55.

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