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... Cadarache Caesar Saloma Cahn–Hilliard equation Calabi flow Calabi–Yau four-fold Calabi–Yau manifold Calandria Calculating Space Caldeira-Leggett model Calefaction Callan–Symanzik equation Callendar–Van ... planetesimal hypothesis Chameleon particle Champagne flow Chandana Jayarathne Chandra X-ray Observatory Chandrasekhar limit Chandre Dharma-wardana Change of decay rate Changes of ... Chladni's law Chlorine-37 Choke (electronics) Choked flow Chord (aircraft) Chris Adami Chris Hull Chris J ...
Gas Core Reactor Rocket - Open Cycle Versus Closed Cycle - Open Cycle Designs - Flow Hydrodynamics in Open Cycle Designs
... gas core can be either cylindrical, toroidal or counter flow toroidal ... issues regarding the loss of fissile fuel with the cylindrical and toroidal designs, the counter-flow toroidal gas core geometry is the primary source of research ... The counter flow toroid is the most promising because it has the best stability and theoretically prevents mixing of the fissile fuel and propellant more effectively than the aforementioned concepts ...

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