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Human Evolution

Date / time mya Event
30 Dec 65 Primates
31 Dec, 06:05 15 Apes
31 Dec, 14:24 15 hominids
31 Dec, 22:24 2.5 primitive humans and stone tools
31 Dec, 23:44 0.4 Domestication of fire
31 Dec, 23:52 0.2 Anatomically modern humans
31 Dec, 23:55 0.11 Beginning of most recent glacial period
31 Dec, 23:58 0.035 sculpture and painting
31 Dec, 23:59:32 0.012 Agriculture

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... A compressed presentation of 25 million years of human evolution, it depicts 15 human evolutionary forebears lined up as if marching in a parade from left to right ... at right and progressing across four more pages are milestones of primate and human evolution as scientists know them today, pieced together from the fragmentary fossil evidence." Although the ... Scientists have noted that early human evolution did not progress in any linear, sequential fashion nor did it move along a "road" toward any predetermined "ideal form" they have faulted the image with being misleading ...
Chris Stringer - Publications - Books
... (1981), Aspects of human evolution Symposium on human evolution, January 1980, London Taylor Francis, ISBN 0-85066-209-5 Stringer, Chris (1986), "The credibility of Homo habilis", in B ... Andrews (eds), Major topics in primate and human evolution, p ... (1989), "Neandertals, their contemporaries and modern human origins", in Giacomo Giacobini, Hominidae Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress of Human Paleontology ...
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... The role of sexual selection in human evolution has been considered controversial from the moment of publication of Darwin's book on sexual selection (1871) ... Darwin was accused of looking to the evolution of early human ancestors through the moral codes of the 19th century Victorian society ... Joan Roughgarden, citing many elements of sexual behavior in animals and humans, that cannot be explained by the sexual-selection model, suggested that the function of sex in human evolution was primarily social ...

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