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  • Cory Aldridge (born 1979), American baseball player
  • Cory Alexander (born 1973), American basketball player
  • Cory Arcangel (born 1978), American digital artist
  • Cory Booker (born 1969), Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
  • Cory Bowles (born 1973), Canadian actor and choreographer
  • Cory Cyrenne (born 1977), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cory Doctorow (born 1971), Canadian journalist and author
  • Cory Edwards, American writer and director
  • Cory Everson (born 1958), American bodybuilder and actress
  • Cory Fong (born 1972), American public servant
  • Cory Gibbs (born 1980), American association footballer
  • Cory Jane (born 1983), New Zealand rugby union footballer
  • Cory Kahaney (born 1963), American comedian
  • Cory Kennedy (born 1990), American model
  • Cory La Quay, American drummer of post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive
  • Cory Lee (born 1984), Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
  • Cory Lerios, American pianist and vocalist
  • Cory Lidle (1972–2006), former pitcher for the New York Yankees
  • Cory McGrath (born 1979), Australian rules footballer
  • Cory Monteith (born 1982), Canadian actor
  • Cory Morrow (born 1972), American singer-songwriter
  • Cory Paterson (born 1987), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Cory Pecker (born 1981), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cory Philpot (born 1970), Canadian Football League player
  • Cory Quirino (born 1953), Filipino TV host
  • Cory Redding (born 1980), American NFL player
  • Cory Rooney, American songwriter and record producer
  • Cory Sarich (born 1978), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cory Schlesinger (born 1972), American footballer
  • Cory Spinks, (born 1978), American boxer
  • Cory Stillman (born 1973), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cory Sullivan (born 1979), American baseball player
  • Cory Wade (born 1983), American baseball player
  • Cory Walker (born 1980), American comic book artist
  • Cory Wells (born 1942), American singer
  • Cory Williams (born 1981), internet personality
  • Cory Witherill (born 1971), American race car driver

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