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Yui Kasuga / Corrector Yui
Voiced by: Makiko Ōmoto
A high-school student of dubious academic skill, Yui has shown skill and growth over the series as she assumes the secret on-line identity of "Corrector Yui". While utterly incompetent when physically interfacing with computers, Yui in the virtual world is a tremendously powerful fighter, able to quickly undo damage and easily battle the strongest of Grosser's henchmen. Her optimistic view and her ability to cheer up others even at the worst moment (though sometimes she can be quite perky) was one of her greatest strengths, making her easily likeable by her peers and fellow Corrector programs. She also has an empathetic personality that helps her understand the nature of A.I. programs she meets on the net. She also has a good singing voice. She has aspirations to become a manga author and/or anime dubber.
Haruna Kisaragi / Corrector Haruna / Dark Angel Haruna
Voiced by: Yuko Kagata
Yui's best friend. She has a polite, calm, and caring personality. Her intelligence and innate ability with computers makes her a perfect candidate for Corrector, as expected by Dr. Inukai. From the beginning she was supposed to be a Corrector, but I.R. confused her with Yui, thanks to Grosser's intervention. When Dr. Inukai was passing Corrector tasks and abilities to her, she got manipulated by Grosser, who turned her into Dark Angel Haruna, but she was eventually saved by Yui. In the 2nd season,she again returns as a Corrector to assist Yui, first when Yui got petrified by infected insects, and later, when she helps Yui until the end of the 2nd season. Curiously, she can use Element Suits more effectively than Yui.
Professor Inukai
Voiced by: Mugihito
Mototsugu Inukai (犬養 基継, Inukai Mototsugu?) is the creator of Correctors and Grosser. He attempts to stop Grosser by sending Correctors, but he is left comatose after Grosser intercepts him. His mind, incomplete and amnesiac, wanders the Net, seeing help and evading Grosser's henchmen. He eventually recovers and passes on his Corrector abilities to Yui. He helps her repair and build Element Suits, and provides a base of operations for the Correctors.
Ai Shinozaki / Corrector Ai
Voiced by: Kae Araki
Shun's cousin. A dark and mysterious girl who becomes a Corrector on her own in the 2nd season. Her bitter experience in the past seems to be the reason for her cold, apathic demeanor as a mask to protect herself. While at most times she does her job by mostly cold,no-nonsense efficiency, Yui's action sometimes force her to reconsider and help Yui. She became a Corrector to search for the "little girl", believing that she might be connected with her mother's coma. While at first she rather despised Yui, and considered her little more than a nuisance, in the end she admires her optimistic view of life, and her ability to cheer up others.

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