Correctly Paired

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Prokaryotic DNA Replication - Elongation
... Furthermore, DNA polymerase III must be able to distinguish between correctly paired bases and incorrectly paired bases ... site pocket that is complementary in shape to the structure of correctly paired nucleotides ... residue that is able to form van der Waals interactions with the correctly paired nucleotide ...
Big Brother 8 (U.S.) - Summary
... The eleven Houseguest then paired off for their first Head of Household competition ... If a player correctly identified the pie, they win a point for the team, but if they were unable to identify the pie, they would win a point for the opposing team ... HouseGuests paired off to jump into two bowls of giant pasta which contained meatballs with different types of food written on them ...

Famous quotes containing the words paired and/or correctly:

    The paired butterflies are already yellow with August
    Over the grass in the West garden;
    They hurt me. I grow older.
    Li Po (701–762)

    The attempt to be an ideal parent, that is, to behave correctly toward the child, to raise her correctly, not to give to little or too much, is in essence an attempt to be the ideal child—well behaved and dutiful—of one’s own parents. But as a result of these efforts the needs of the child go unnoticed. I cannot listen to my child with empathy if I am inwardly preoccupied with being a good mother; I cannot be open to what she is telling me.
    Alice Miller (20th century)