Corner Reflector

A corner reflector is a retroreflector consisting of three mutually perpendicular, intersecting flat surfaces, which reflects waves back directly towards the source, but shifted (translated). The three intersecting surfaces often have square shapes. Radar corner reflectors made of metal are used to reflect radio waves from radar sets. Optical corner reflectors, called corner cubes, made of three-sided glass prisms, are used in surveying and laser rangefinding.

The term is also used for a corner reflector antenna, consisting of two flat metal surfaces at a right angle, with a dipole antenna in front of them.

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Corner Reflector - Other Examples
... Corner reflectors can also occur accidentally ... Tower blocks with balconies are often accidental corner reflectors for sound and return a distinctive echo to an observer making a sharp noise, such as a hand clap, nearby ...
Types of Retroreflectors - Corner Reflector
... A set of three mutually perpendicular reflective surfaces, placed to form the corner of a cube, work as a retroreflector ... The three corresponding normal vectors of the corner's sides form a basis (x, y, z) in which to represent the direction of an arbitrary incoming ray ... the ray direction goes from to to to and it leaves the corner with all three components of motions exactly reversed ...

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