Corn Dolly - Types - Traditional Corn Dollies Named After Counties or Place Names of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Traditional Corn Dollies Named After Counties or Place Names of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Barton Turf dolly, Norfolk

  • Cambridgeshire Handbell

  • Essex Terret (This is the Essex Ring Terret - there is also the Essex Bell or Bar Terret)

  • Mordiford

  • Norfolk Lantern

  • Stafford Knot

  • Suffolk Horseshoe

  • Yorkshire Spiral or Drop Dolly

  • Other corn dollies include Anglesey Rattle, Cambridgeshire Umbrella, Durham Chandelier, Claidheach (Scotland) Herefordshire Fan, Kincardine Maiden (Scotland), Leominster Maer (Herefordshire), Norfolk Lantern, Northamptonshire Horns, Okehampton Mare, Oxford Crown, Suffolk Bell, Suffolk Horseshoe and Whip, Teme Valley Crown (Shropshire), Welsh Border Fan, Welsh Long Fan, Worcester Crown.
  • There are also corn dolly designs from other countries, for example the Kusa Dasi from Turkey, named after the town of Kuşadası.

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