Coordinate Structures

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Exocentric - A Note About Coordinate Structures
... While exocentric structures have largely disappeared from most theoretical analyses of standard sentence structure, many theories of syntax still ... or go to that conference? The brackets each time mark the conjuncts of a coordinate structure, whereby this coordinate structure includes the material appearing between the left-most ... Coordinate structures like these do not lend themselves to an endocentric analysis in any clear way, nor to an exocentric analysis ...
Coordination (linguistics) - The Structure of Coordination
... Even concerning the hierarchical structure of coordinated strings, there is much disagreement ... Whether or not coordinate structures should be analyzed in terms of the basic tree conventions employed for subordination is an issue that divides experts ... The coordinate structure is deemed exocentric insofar as neither conjunct can be taken to be the sole head, but rather both conjuncts are deemed heads in a sense ...

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    It is clear that all verbal structures with meaning are verbal imitations of that elusive psychological and physiological process known as thought, a process stumbling through emotional entanglements, sudden irrational convictions, involuntary gleams of insight, rationalized prejudices, and blocks of panic and inertia, finally to reach a completely incommunicable intuition.
    Northrop Frye (b. 1912)