Cooling Air

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Norton Classic
... The Classic used an air-cooled twin-rotor Wankel engine that had been developed by David Garside at BSA ... Wankel engines run very hot, so Garside gave this air-cooled motor additional cooling air that was filtered and drawn first through the rotors and then ... the carburation process significantly reduced the temperature of this fuel-air mixture, but its volumetric efficiency was still somewhat impaired ...
Components Of Jet Engines - Design Procedure - Cooling Systems - Air Systems
... A complex air system is built into most turbine based jet engines, primarily to cool the turbine blades, vanes and discs ... Air, bled from the compressor exit, passes around the combustor and is injected into the rim of the rotating turbine disc ... The cooling air then passes through complex passages within the turbine blades ...
Turbine Blade - Cooling
... So the cooling of blade becomes essential ... METHODS OF COOLING Cooling of components can be achieved by air or liquid cooling ... Liquid cooling seems to be more attractive because of high specific heat capacity and chances of evaporative cooling but there can be problem of leakage ,corrosion, choking,etc ...
Combustor - Fundamentals - Components
... The case is protected from thermal loads by the air flowing in it, so thermal performance is of limited concern ... the diffuser is to slow the high speed, highly compressed, air from the compressor to a velocity optimal for the combustor ... contains the combustion process and introduces the various airflows (intermediate, dilution, and cooling, see Air flow paths below) into the combustion zone ...

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    Our air up here is good for the disease—I mean good against the disease,... but it is also good for the disease.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    her in her cooling planet
    Revere; do not presume to think her wasted.
    William Empson (1906–1984)