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Protection Of Military Remains Act 1986 - History of Designations Under The Act - First Designations
... The announcement stated that there would be sixteen controlled sites (in waters under UK control), and five designated protected places (five UK wrecks in ... The order only covered eleven controlled sites, which did not include the Falkland wrecks ... were already protected (as prohibited sites because they were considered dangerous) by an order passed in 1983 under the Falkland Islands Protection of Wrecks Ordinance 1977 ...
Protection Of Military Remains Act 1986 - Protection Under The Act - Controlled Sites
... Controlled sites must be specifically designated by location, where the site contains the remains of an aircraft or a vessel that crashed, sank or was ... Act makes it illegal to conduct any operations (including any diving or excavation) within the controlled site that might disturb the remains unless licensed to do so by the ... Controlled sites at sea are marked on admiralty charts and their physical location is marked by means of a buoy (sea mark) ...

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