Contrastive may refer to one of several concepts in linguistics:

  • Contrast (linguistics)
  • Contrastive linguistics
  • Contrastive distribution
  • Contrastive analysis
  • Contrastive rhetoric
  • Contrastive focus reduplication
  • Contrastive stress
  • Contrastive wa; see Japanese grammar
  • Contrastive units, a basic unit of sound
    • Chroneme
    • Phoneme

Other articles related to "contrastive":

Contrastive Focus Reduplication
... Contrastive focus reduplication (also lexical cloning, the double construction) is a little-studied type of syntactic reduplication found in some languages ... The first part of the reduplicant bears contrastive intonational stress ...
Contrastive Analysis and Second Language Acquisition - Criticism
... In its strongest formulation, the Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis claimed that all the errors made in learning the L2 could be attributed to 'interference' by the L1 ... It was soon pointed out that many errors predicted by Contrastive Analysis were inexplicably not observed in learners' language ... It thus became clear that Contrastive Analysis could not predict all learning difficulties, but was certainly useful in the retrospective explanation of errors ...
Contrastive Linguistics - History
... cognate languages, or to illustrate the historical developments of one or more languages, modern contrastive linguistics intends to show in what ways the two respective languages differ, in ... and synchronic linguistics are used to refer to these two perspectives.) Contrastive linguistics, since its inception by Robert Lado in the 1950s, has often been linked to aspects of applied ... errors in foreign-language learning, as advocated by Di Pietro (1971) (see also contrastive analysis), to assist interlingual transfer in the process of translating ...
Robert Lado - Contrastive Linguistics
... Robert Lado is considered one of the founders of modern contrastive linguistics, which as a subdiscipline of applied linguistics, served the purpose of ... both been associated with the strong version of the contrastive hypothesis the belief that difficulties in learning a language can be predicted on ...