Continuous Reactors

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Continuous Reactor - Batch Versus Continuous
... Reactors can be divided into two broad categories, batch reactors and continuous reactors ... Batch reactors are stirred tanks sufficiently large to handle the full inventory of a complete batch cycle ... In some cases, batch reactors may be operated in semi batch mode where one chemical is charged to the vessel and a second chemical is added slowly ...
Continuous Reactor
... Continuous reactors (alternatively referred to as flow reactors) carry material as a flowing stream ... Reactants are continuously fed into the reactor and emerge as continuous stream of product ... Continuous reactors are used for a wide variety of chemical and biological processes within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries ...
Batch Versus Continuous - Benefits of Continuous Reactors
... Continuous reactors are generally able to cope with much higher reactant concentrations due to their superior heat transfer capacities ... Plug flow reactors have the additional advantage of greater separation between reactants and products giving a better concentration profile ... The small size of continuous reactors makes higher mixing rates possible ...

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