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Institute of Administrative Management

The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) requires candidates to complete the following:

This is intended to help the individual carry out some initial thinking about your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will need to think about possible directions for your career development and to highlight potential threats.

Development of your PPDP is based upon the individuals SWOT Analysis. Its purpose is to assist them to formulate a set of development activities covering a period of twelve months. Long-term career plans should cover development activities for the next twelve months in the light of their intentions over the next three years.

  • Implementation

Implementing of the individuals plan does not imply that they cannot or should not change it once implementation is underway. Situations and circumstances can and do change.

  • Learning Diary

It is vital that the individual records their efforts and assess the benefits of their planned activities. The activities that they undertake may not always generate the results that were intended. Time spent reflecting on how they have tackled each activity and in assessing the outcomes will enable the individual to adjust their PPDP for the following year. Moreover, by recording their activities they will be building a complete record of their professional/personal development that can form the basis for long-term career progression.

  • Annual Review/Summary

At the end of the twelve month period, having reviewed the individuals activities they are required to complete the Summary Sheet. The process is repeated for the second and subsequent years by reviewing and updating your SWOT Analysis and then drawing up a new PPDP.

Registration for CPD shows the individuals own commitment to learning and allows them to consider best practice within the workplace.

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