Containment Suit

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Wildfire (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Original
... Fortunately, his colleagues had on hand a containment suit that could be used to keep Drake's anti-energy from dispersing ... the machine, but expelled his entire energy form from his containment suit ... energy form was stable enough so that he could survive without his suit, though he could neither take humanoid form nor communicate with anyone ...
Johann Kraus - In Other Media - Film
... He said that his containment suit was designed by the B.P.R.D.'s former head, Trevor Bruttenholm ... Both the comic and film version of Johann can leave their containment suit at will, though it is uncertain how long he can do so without dissipating once freed from his suit, his ... Outside his containment suit, he appears as a roughly humanoid shape in whispy, ghostly form ...
Wildfire (comics) - Post-Zero Hour
... they successfully contained the energy long enough to create a containment suit for it, and the new being took the name Drake Burroughs after his forebears and the codename ERG-1 ... lost in a spacial rift - although he suffered a traumatic experience as his containment suit was ripped open by the rift ... with the Kwai's help and materials, managed to create a new containment suit for him, restoring a semblance of form to him ...

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    In New York City, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)