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Timeline Of Yugoslav Breakup - FR Yugoslavia - 1995
21 July Meeting of EU, UN, NATO, Contact Group and other UN troop contributors held in London to discuss response to Serb attacks on safe areas 22 July Presidents Tudjman and ... Madrid, Rome, Moscow and Ankara to outline new US peace initiative, based on the existing Contact Group map. 1 November Bosnian, Croatian and 'FRY/RS' delegations, plus the Contact Group countries, met for talks in Dayton, Ohio ...
Cuban Intervention In Angola - Proxy War, UN Resolutions and Negotiations (late 1970s and 1980s)
... the United States formed an informal negotiating team, called the Contact Group, to work with South Africa to implement a UN plan for free elections in Namibia ... the establishment of a "Transition Assistance Group" ... to attend negotiating sessions of the Contact Group throughout the early 1980s, always prepared to bargain but never ready to settle ...
Aref Ali Nayed - Activities During The 2011 Libyan Civil War - Stabilization in Libya
... In late May the Contact Group sent an International Stabilization Response Team (ISRT) to Benghazi ... These were experts from Contact Group countries led by the British Department for International Development and they were set the task of conducting preliminary assessments and ... first phase plan prepared and that formed the basis for the presentations that were made to Contact Group partners in July ...
Kosovo Status Process - Progress of The Status Talks - Initial Talks
... holds regular meetings with representatives of the Contact Group ... Ahtisaari briefed Contact Group foreign ministers on 20 September 2006, in New York City at a meeting chaired by U.S ... At that meeting, the Contact Group released a press statement that reaffirmed its desire to work towards a negotiated settlement in the course of 2006 and also endorsed Ahtisaari's plans to develop a comprehensive ...
Contact Group (Balkans) - 2006 Activity
... On July 24, 2006, Contact Group representatives observed the first high-level meeting between the prime ministers and presidents of Kosovo and Serbia to discuss Kosovo's future status ... A Contact Group statement issued after the meeting praised Kosovo for demonstrating flexibility in the technical talks underway in the Kosovo future status process ... Contact Group foreign ministers met in New York City on September 20, 2006, in New York City on the margins of the UN General Assembly ...

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