Constraint Induced Movement

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Lactation Without Pregnancy, Induced Lactation, Relactation
... In humans induced lactation and relactation has been observed frequently in primitive cultures and demonstrated with varying success in adoptive ... Lactation can be induced in humans by a combination of physical and psychological stimulation, by drugs, or by a combination of those methods ...
Stroke Recovery - Current Perspectives and Therapeutic Avenues - Motor Re-learning - Constraint-induced Movement Therapy
... The idea for constraint-induced therapy is actually at least 100 years old ... researchers began to apply his technique to stroke patients, and it came to be called constraint-induced movement therapy ... Evidence that supports the use of constraint induced movement therapy has been growing since its introduction as an alternative treatment method for upper limb motor deficits ...
... which acts on the lower bowel to encourage normal bowel movement without causing irritation ... This medicine is used for analgesic-induced constipation ... taking long term opioid, because it relaxes the effect of opioid induced constipation ...
Androgen-induced Hermaphroditism
... Androgen-induced hermaphroditism is a syndrome resulting from a hermaphroditic birth defect of the genital organs ... They are induced in the 46, XX gonadally female fetus ...
Steroid Rosacea
... Steroid induced rosacea is an iatrogenic condition (induced by the physician or patient) from the use of either systemic steroid or topical steroids ... It is nearly identical to steroid induced acne from the standpoint of etiology ...

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    ...I lost myself in my work and never felt that marriage would give me the security I wanted. I thought that through the trade union movement we working women could get better conditions and security of mind.
    Mary Anderson (1872–1964)

    In America a woman loses her independence for ever in the bonds of matrimony. While there is less constraint on girls there than anywhere else, a wife submits to stricter obligations. For the former, her father’s house is a home of freedom and pleasure; for the latter, her husband’s is almost a cloister.
    Alexis de Tocqueville (1805–1859)

    Few can be induced to labor exclusively for posterity; and none will do it enthusiastically. Posterity has done nothing for us; and theorize on it as we may, practically we shall do very little for it, unless we are made to think we are at the same time doing something for ourselves.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)