Consonant Stem Verbs

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Kulung Language - Language and Grammar
... Adjectives form a separate category in Kulung and are formed by the addition of an affix to a verb stem ... The Kulung verb is characterised by a system of complex pronominalisation, in which paradigmatic stem alternation is found ... Depending on the number of verbal stems and their position in the verbal paradigm, every verb in Kulung belongs to a certain conjugation type ...
Japanese Verb Conjugation - Causative
... The causative forms are characterized by the final u becoming aseru for consonant stem verbs, and ru becoming saseru for vowel stem verbs ... Type Causative Examples Causative Irregular verbs する suru (do) させる saseru 勘弁する kanben suru (forgive) 勘弁させる kanben saseru 来る kuru (come) 来させる kosaseru Regular consonant stem (v5 ... This conjugates as a vowel stem verb ...
Japanese Consonant And Vowel Verbs - Conjugation
... Consonant-stem verbs conjugate differently from the vowel-stem verbs ... Consonant-stem verbs conjugate after a consonant, and vowel-stem verbs conjugate after a vowel, as can be seen in the following examples consonant-stem ... See also Japanese grammar Verbs ...

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