ConScript Unicode Registry

The ConScript Unicode Registry is a volunteer project to coordinate the assignment of code points in the Unicode Private Use Area for the encoding of artificial scripts. It was founded by John Cowan and is maintained by John Cowan and Michael Everson. It has no formal connection with the Unicode Consortium.

The CSUR includes the following scripts:

  • Tengwar (E000–E07F)
  • Cirth (E080–E0FF)
  • Engsvanyáli (E100–E14F)
  • Kinya (E150–E1AF)
  • Ilianore (E1B0–E1CF)
  • Syai (E1D0–E1FF)
  • Verdurian (E200–E26F)
  • aUI (E270–E28F)
  • Amman-Iar (E290–E2BF)
  • Streich (E2C0–E2CF)
  • Xaîni (E2D0–E2FF)
  • Mizarian (E300–E33F)
  • Zírí:nka (E340–E35F)
  • Sarkai (E360–E37F)
  • Thelwik (E380–E3AF)
  • Olaetyan (E3B0–E3FF)
  • Nísklôz (E400–E42F)
  • Kazat ?Akkorou (E430–E44F)
  • Kazvarad (E450–E46F)
  • Zarkhánd (E470–E48F)
  • Røzhxh (E490–E4BF)
  • Serivelna (E4C0–E4EF)
  • Kelwathi (E4F0–E4FF)
  • Saklor (E500–E51F)
  • Rynnan (E520–E54F)
  • Alzetjan (E550–E57F)
  • Telarasso (E580–E59F)
  • Ssûraki (E5A0–E5BF)
  • Gargoyle (E5C0–E5DF)
  • Ophidian (E5E0–E5FF)
  • Ferengi (E600–E62F)
  • Seussian Latin Extensions (E630–E64F)
  • Ewellic (E680–E6CF)
  • Unifon (E740–E76F)
  • Solresol (E770–E77F)
  • Visible Speech (E780–E7FF)
  • Monofon (E800–E82F)
  • Aiha (F8A0–F8CF)
  • Klingon (F8D0–F8FF)
  • Kinya syllables (F0000–F0E69)
  • Pikto (F0E70–F16AF)

The following were formerly included, but have since been withdrawn as they are now in Unicode:

  • Phaistos Disc (E6D0–E6FF) use 101D0–101FF
  • Shavian (E700–E72F) use 10450–1047F
  • Deseret (E830–E88F) use 10400–1044F

In September 1997, Michael Everson also proposed Tengwar, Cirth and Klingon for inclusion in Unicode. The Klingon proposal was rejected in May 2001, while the Tengwar and Cirth proposals are still under consideration.

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