Conquests of Hannibal

Conquests Of Hannibal

Carthaginian general Hannibal was the son of Hamilcar Barca, (247 BC – c. 183 BC).

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Conquests Of Hannibal - Conclusion of Second Punic War (203–201 BC) - Battle of Zama
... Although the aging Hannibal was suffering from mental exhaustion and deteriorating health after years of campaigning in Italy, the Carthaginians still had ... At one point it seemed that Hannibal was on the verge of victory, but Scipio was able to rally his men, and his cavalry attacked Hannibal's rear ... The battle resulted in a loss of respect for Hannibal by his fellow Carthaginians ...

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    The world there was the flat world of the ancients; to the east, a cornfield that stretched to daybreak; to the west, a corral that reached to the sunset; between, the conquests of peace, dearer-bought than those of war.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)

    I have no plans to call on you, Clarice. The world’s more interesting with you.
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    The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.
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