Conning may refer to:

  • Conning tower, a raised platform on a ship or submarine from which an officer can give directions to the helmsman
  • Rico Conning (21st century), producer, songwriter, sound designer, and guitarist
  • Conning & company, a business headquartered in Hartford, CT

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Conning Tower
... A conning tower is a raised platform on a ship or submarine, often armored, from which an officer can conn the vessel, i.e ... It is usually located as high on the ship as practical, to give the conning team good visibility of the entirety of their ship itself and of ocean conditions and other vessels ...
SS Tjisalak - The Massacre
... who placed them on the ship's deck and ordered Captain Hen into the conning tower to confer with the Japanese commander, Tatsunosuke Ariizumi ... in pairs and walked them aft around the conning tower, where they were attacked with various weapons ... the random gunfire from three Japanese sailors seated behind the conning tower ...
Conning Tower - Surface Ships
... On surface ships, the conning tower was a feature of all battleships and armored cruisers from about 1860 to the early years of World War II ... Located at the front end of the superstructure, the conning tower was a heavily-armored cylinder, with tiny slit windows on three sides providing a ... Conning towers were used by the French on their floating batteries at the Battle of Kinburn ...
Conning Tower - Submarines
... The conning tower of a submarine was a small watertight compartment within its sail (or fin in British usage) equipped with instruments and controls ... altogether, as in the Virginia-class—it became unnecessary to raise the conning station above the main pressure hull ... The additional conning tower pressure hull was eliminated and its functions were added to the command and control center ...