Confidence Building

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Confidence And Security-building Measures - Confidence Building Viewed As A Process
... An alternative analytic approach to understanding confidence building looks at broader process concepts rather than concentrating on specific measures ... This approach finds its fullest expression in Confidence Building in the Arms Control Process A Transformation View (James Macintosh (Ottawa, Canada ... Confidence Building in the Arms Control Process A Transformation View sees conventional understandings of confidence building as incomplete and focuses on why and how developing confidence building ...

Famous quotes containing the words building and/or confidence:

    We have our little theory on all human and divine things. Poetry, the workings of genius itself, which, in all times, with one or another meaning, has been called Inspiration, and held to be mysterious and inscrutable, is no longer without its scientific exposition. The building of the lofty rhyme is like any other masonry or bricklaying: we have theories of its rise, height, decline and fall—which latter, it would seem, is now near, among all people.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)

    Whoever deliberately attempts to insure confidentiality with another person is usually in doubt as to whether he inspires that person’s confidence in him. One who is sure that he inspires confidence attaches little importance to confidentiality.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)