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Varieties - Condenser Microphone - Electret Condenser Microphone
... An electret microphone is a type of capacitor microphone invented by Gerhard Sessler and Jim West at Bell laboratories in 1962 ... The externally applied charge described above under condenser microphones is replaced by a permanent charge in an electret material ... hence low cost, the vast majority of microphones made today are electret microphones a semiconductor manufacturer estimates annual production at over one billion units ...
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... Generally, professional producers opt for a condenser microphone for studio recording, mostly due to their wide-range response and high quality ... A primary alternative to the expensive condenser microphone is the dynamic microphone, used more often in live performances due to its durability ... The major disadvantages of condenser microphones are their expense and fragility ...
Varieties - Condenser Microphone
... The condenser microphone, invented at Bell Labs in 1916 by E ... Wente is also called a capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone — capacitors were historically called condensers ... audio signal from the transducer DC-biased microphones, and radio frequency (RF) or high frequency (HF) condenser microphones ...

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