Conceptual Models

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John Krogstie - Work - The SEQUAL Framework
... The SEQUAL framework is a reference model for evaluating the quality of models, the semiotic quality framework (SEQUAL) developed by John Krogstie ... on semiotic theory and defines several quality aspects based on relationships between a model, a body of knowledge, a domain, a modeling language, and the activities of learning, taking action ... The basic idea behind the SEQUAL framework is, that conceptual models can be considered as sets of statements in a language, and therefore can be evaluated in semiotic ...
Cross-boundary Subsidy - Introduction and Development of The Concept - Conceptual Models
... Callaway and Hastings (2002) built off Polis et al.’s conclusion with a model to show that subsidized consumers may not always drive down the resource in the ... Another conceptual model that specifically considers cross-boundary subsidies is a model developed by Rand et al ... In this model, edge permeability (habitat specialists vs ...
Internet Topology - Conceptual Models - Bow Tie Model
... The most common Bow Tie model consists of four main groups of web pages ... Like with the Jellyfish model there is a strongly connected core ... A more comprehensive representation of the Bow Tie model has been presented with additional, smaller groups of web pages ...

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    The greatest and truest models for all orators ... is Demosthenes. One who has not studied deeply and constantly all the great speeches of the great Athenian, is not prepared to speak in public. Only as the constant companion of Demosthenes, Burke, Fox, Canning and Webster, can we hope to become orators.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    I philosophize from the vantage point only of our own
    provincial conceptual scheme and scientific epoch, true; but I know no better.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)