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Special Idents

Title Air dates
Red Robin Christmas 1985
This ident had the new ‘BBC1’ logo in a snowy landscape with a robin sitting on it fluttering its wings, with another robin rotating around the logo. Two versions were made: one for day-time and one for night-time. This was the last mechanical ident produced for the channel. The ident was accompanied by hand animated promotional trails featuring the robins. The robins were famously detonated by Noel Edmonds on his programme, The Late, Late Breakfast Show on the 4 January 1986.
Cartoon 1 Christmas 1986
A cartoon smiling Christmas tree in a forest, with the ‘BBC1’ logo in front of it, and holly dancing around it. The ident was designed by a viewer following a Children's BBC competition.
Cartoon 2 Christmas 1987

A cartoon graphic reading BBC Christmas 1 made up of various Christmas motifs such as various presents, a candle, holly and ribbons. The short animation was designed to tie into the end of promotions. Promotional style featured a panning view into a child's nursery, before a bag falls, pouring out streamers and ribbons. This streamer animation would be played at the end of the promotion to link into the ident. It was designed by Bernard Newnham.

A Partridge In A Pear Tree Christmas 1988

A partridge flies onto a mountain of pears and sits on them, with the ‘BBC1’ logo superimposed on top. Two versions were made one for day-time and one for night-time. At the end of each day the partridge would fly away again.

Spinning Top Christmas 1989

The globe is a spinning top, spinning at the bottom of a Christmas tree with a ribbon around with the ‘BBC1’ logo on it. Again linked in with end promotions, which would link in by means of a toy train passing in front of the screen.

Pop-up Book Christmas 1990

The globe appears superimposed on a face on the cover of a pop-up book about magic. The introduction sequence and promotions all featured the book opening and a wizard dancing round casting magic upon a variety of objects, often with a time feel, such as a large clock face and hour glass. This was the last Christmas ident not to have corporate branding.

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