Computer Graphics (computer Science) - Notable Researchers in Computer Graphics

Notable Researchers in Computer Graphics

  • Jim Blinn
  • Jack E. Bresenham
  • Loren Carpenter
  • Edwin Catmull
  • Robert L. Cook
  • Paul Debevec
  • Ron Fedkiw
  • James D. Foley
  • David Forsyth
  • Henry Fuchs
  • Pat Hanrahan
  • Takeo Kanade
  • Jim Kajiya
  • Kenneth Knowlton
  • David R. Hedgley, Jr.
  • Marc Levoy
  • James O'Brien
  • Ken Perlin
  • Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
  • William Reeves
  • James Sethian
  • Ivan Sutherland
  • Greg Turk
  • Andries van Dam
  • Henrik Wann Jensen
  • Lance Williams

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