Computational Epigenetics - Epigenetics Databases

Epigenetics Databases

  1. MethDB Contains information on 19,905 DNA methylation content data and 5,382 methylation patterns for 48 species, 1,511 individuals, 198 tissues and cell lines and 79 phenotypes.
  2. PubMeth Contains over 5,000 records on methylated genes in various cancer types.
  3. REBASE Contains over 22,000 DNA methyltransferases genes derived from GenBank.
  4. MeInfoText Contains gene methylation information across 205 human cancer types.
  5. MethPrimerDB Contains 259 primer sets from human, mouse and rat for DNA methylation analysis.
  6. The Histone Database Contains 254 sequences from histone H1, 383 from histone H2, 311 from histone H2B, 1043 from histone H3 and 198 from histone H4, altogether representing at least 857 species.
  7. ChromDB Contains 9,341 chromatin-associated proteins, including RNAi-associated proteins, for a broad range of organisms.
  8. CREMOFAC Contains 1725 redundant and 720 non-redundant chromatin-remodeling factor sequences in eukaryotes.
  9. The Krembil Family Epigenetics Laboratory Contains DNA methylation data of human chromosomes 21, 22, male germ cells and DNA methylation profiles in monozygotic and dizygotic twins.
  10. MethyLogiX DNA methylation database Contains DNA methylation data of human chromosomes 21 and 22, male germ cells and late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

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