Compulsive Buying Disorder - Treatment


Treatment involves becoming conscious of the addiction through studying, therapy, group work, etc... Research done by Michel Lejoyeux and Aviv Weinstein suggests that the best possible treatment for CB is through cognitive behavioral therapy. They suggest that a patient first be "evaluated for psychiatric comorbidity, especially depression, so that appropriate pharmacological treatment can be instituted." Their research proves that patients who received cognitive behavioral therapy over 10 weeks had reduced episodes of compulsive buying and spent less time shopping as opposed to the patients who did not receive this treatment (251).

Lejoyeux and Weinstein also write about pharmacological treatment and the studies that have been done to question the use of drugs on CB. They declare "Few controlled studies have assessed the effects of pharmacological treatment on compulsive buying, and none have shown any medication to be effective" (252).

While Lejoyeux and Weinstein claim that little research has been done on the effects of drugs on CB, a different page suggests otherwise. According to an article from nature reviews neuroscience entitled "Retail Therapy," by Heather Woods, recent research led by Lorrin Koran, at Stanford University in California, has led to a possible treatment to compulsive buying. The research was conducted on 24 college students who were diagnosed with compulsive buying. The students were treated with citalopram, otherwise known as Celexia, which is an antidepressant, for seven weeks and then were followed up by either nine more weeks of citalopram, or 9 more weeks of a placebo. Every student who had the full sixteen weeks of citalopram was cured of compulsive buying while five out of the eight students who received the placebo relapsed. Koran suggests that the reason that citalopram works is because it alters the levels of seratonin in the brain. While this drug is proven to treat compulsive buying, its usage is questioned because of the side effects of seratonin and the treatment of a behavioral addiction with drugs. As Robert Lefever criticizes, "of course antidepressants help the disorder, in the same way they would help alcohol dependency. They are simply another addiction." When put this way, it is hard to accept the treatment as an actual treatment and not just another addiction.

The decision for treatment of Compulsive Buying should be left to the person who is affected by the behavioral addiction and should be researched more before making a final choice. It is recommended that you speak with a doctor about any health problems or issues that may be effected by the drug Celexia and any side effects it may include.

The most effective treatment is to attend therapy and group work in order to prevent the continuation of this addiction.

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