Compressed Sensing - Implementations


The field of compressive sensing is related to other topics in signal processing and computational mathematics, such as to underdetermined linear-systems, group testing, heavy hitters, sparse coding, multiplexing, sparse sampling, and finite rate of innovation. Imaging techniques having a strong affinity with compressive sensing include coded aperture and computational photography.

Starting with the single-pixel camera from Rice University, an up-to-date list of the most recent implementations of compressive sensing in hardware at different technology readiness level is available. Some hardware implementations (like the one used in MRI or compressed genotyping) do not require an actual physical change, whereas other hardware require substantial re-engineering to perform this new type of sampling. Similarly, a number of hardware implementations already existed before 2004; however, while they were acquiring signals in a compressed manner, they generally did not use compressive sensing reconstruction techniques to reconstruct the original signal. The result of these reconstruction were suboptimal and have been greatly enhanced thanks to compressive sensing.

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