Complex Conjugation

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Complexification - Complex Conjugation
... complexified vector space VC has more structure than an ordinary complex vector space ... It comes with a canonical complex conjugation map defined by The map χ may either be regarded as a conjugate-linear map from VC to itself or as a complex linear isomorphism from VC to its complex conjugate ... Conversely, given a complex vector space W with a complex conjugation χ, W is isomorphic as a complex vector space to the complexification VC of the real subspace In other words, all complex vector ...
Complex Conjugate - Generalizations
... The other planar real algebras, dual numbers, and split-complex numbers are also explicated by use of complex conjugation ... For matrices of complex numbers, where means the element-by-element conjugation of ... the conjugate transpose (or adjoint) of complex matrices generalizes complex conjugation ...

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