Comparison of VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop

Comparison Of VMware Fusion And Parallels Desktop

Represented by their respective products, VMware and Parallels are the two major commercial competitors in the Mac consumer virtualization market. Both products are based on hypervisor technology and allow users to run an additional 32- or 64-bit x86 operating system in a virtual machine alongside Mac OS X on an Intel-powered Mac. The similarity in features and functionality between VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop for Mac has given occasion for much comparison.

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Comparison Of VMware Fusion And Parallels Desktop - 2010 Benchmark Tests
01, published the results of a new series of benchmark tests showing a performance advantage for Parallels Desktop 5 across all subcategories, with an average of 30% faster ... performance testing results were mixed, with Parallels being slightly faster, overall ...

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